I'd Like to See Saleae Support a New Protocol Analyzer

If you find that there is a protocol analyzer missing in the Logic software or you need support to add a new protocol analyzer:

  1. Check our Unofficially Supported Protocols (3rd Party) list to see if it has already been made. If you need any help building it, please feel free to contact us!.

  2. Check our Ideas Page to suggest a new protocol analyzer or vote on an already existing idea.

  3. You can also create your own protocol analyzer by using our Protocol Analyzer SDK. Since we use the same SDK, you will have complete flexibility on how your custom analyzer decodes data. Please note that using our SDK requires working knowledge of C++.

  4. If a new protocol seems like it can be decoded by an already existing protocol analyzer, feel free to contact us to check if it's doable.

trello ID: 58ffb4c31fb992b1a162d63e

trello data: 2013717373