Binary Data Export Format Description

The Binary export option in the Saleae software is used to export the captures signals to a binary file.

The Binary export option can export either digital samples or analog samples but does not support exporting both to the same file.

The Binary exported file is stored LittleEndian, as is standard for x86 platforms.

There are two main options for exporting digital data: (1) export every sample and (2) export sample numbers where any channel changes state.

Export every sample is the simplest. You also need to select the word size for your export and if missing channels should chase the higher index channels to be downshifted.

The word size needs to be larger than the number of channels exported. For instance, if you choose to export 12 channels, you will need to select at least a 16-bit word size to fit all 12 channels.

Note: Bits where channels are not present will remain 0.

The downshifting option can be a little confusing.

Let's say you are exporting channels 0, 3, 4, 5, and 7 and you are using a 16-bit word size. Without downshifting enabled, that would simply match each bit in the 16-bit word to a channel where unused channels would stay blank, like this: 0b00000000X0XXX00X. Where X contains channel data. 0b

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