How to Identify Each Saleae Device

Saleae currently sells 4 devices and has discontinued two models in the past.

The current products:

  • Logic 4
  • Logic 8
  • Logic Pro 8
  • Logic Pro 16

The discontinued products:

  • Logic
  • Logic16

On the back of every product is the name of the product.

The new products feature an embossed Saleae logo on the top. On the back, the Saleae logo is laser etched, along with the name of the product.

Each of the four new products is available in red and in black.

For the Logic16, now usually referred to as the original Logic16, there is no logo on the top, but it does feature a green LED. On the back, Logic16 includes the name "Logic16" and the website

For the Logic, now usually referred to as the original Logic, there is also no logo on the top, and the device does not have an LED. The back of the unit includes the name "Logic" and the website

The original Logic has gone through several enclosure variations. All are black anodized aluminum. The original enclosure design was all aluminum, with the name and website laser etched on the back (the side with the visible screws). Newer versions included a rubber base, which includes the name and website as part of the mold, the same as the original Logic16.

The new generation of products have all-aluminum enclosures with metal feet.

There can be understandable confusion between the original Logic and the new Logic 8, and there is also some confusion between the original Logic16 and the new Logic Pro 16. In these cases, we often refer to the older units as first generation, or gen 1. In some cases, the original Logic is referred to as Old School Logic.

Product Names and Product Part Numbers

The official Saleae part number is not listed on the device. Just the device's name is shown. Below is a list showing each product name and part number.

  • SAL-00109 Logic 4 Black
  • SAL-00110 Logic 4 Red
  • SAL-00111 Logic 8 Black
  • SAL-00112 Logic 8 Red
  • SAL-00113 Logic Pro 8 Black
  • SAL-00114 Logic Pro 8 Red
  • SAL-00115 Logic Pro 16 Black
  • SAL-00116 Logic Pro 16 Red

Note: "Red" or "Black" is not written on the device. This refers to the enclosure cover of the device.

  • SALEAE001 Logic (original, discontinued)
  • SALEAE009 Logic16 (original, discontinued)

A complete list of product numbers and names, including accessories, can be found here: Saleae Part Numbers, ECCN, and Harmonized System (HS) Codes

Product Images

Logic 4

Logic 4

Logic 8

Logic 8

Logic Pro 8

Logic Pro 8

Logic Pro 16

Logic Pro 16

Original Logic (Discontinued)

Original Logic

Original Logic16 (Discontinued)


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