180-Day Return Policy and 3-Year Warranty

Saleae Return Policy

The 180-day return policy only applies to products purchased directly from Saleae, either from our website, www.saleae.com, or on a purchase order directly with Saleae.

Each distributor has its own return policy. If you purchased a Saleae device from a distributor, please check with them for details on their return policy.

If you purchased from a distributor and would like to return the product but their return policy deadline has already passed, please contact us in case we may be able to help.

 3-Year Warranty

The 3-year warranty always applies, regardless of where you purchased the product. All warranty replacements and repairs are handled directly by us. There is no need to contact the distributor where you purchased it. Also, you don't need the original receipt. As long as you have the unit, we can repair or replace it under warranty. Also, if you can't remember when you purchased the unit or if the 3-year window has already closed, please contact us anyway in case we can help.

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