Downloading the 1.2.6 Beta – Interim Release (Obsolete, 1.2.7 Out Now)

The 1.2.6 beta release is an official release and can be downloaded from these links:

1.2.6 Beta: Windows (32 bit and 64 bit): (The software may have trouble running on some 32-bit versions of Windows. That will be resolved in the next release.)

OSX (10.7+):

Linux 32 bit:

Linux 64 bit:

Windows 64 bit standalone (no installer):

The 32-bit version of the 1.2.6 software does not run properly on some Windows operating systems and has been taken down. It will be fixed and included in the next release.

This version is a slightly early release of 1.2.7, mainly for customers with specific issues.

  1. Crashes caused by sampling digital and analog where the digital sample rate was not an integer multiple of the analog sample rate

  2. SWD analyzer crash when used with a trigger

  3. Several bugs in the LIN analyzer

  4. A handful of more minor bug fixes in the display, USB analyzer, and device communication

1.2.7 will be released, along with improvements to the build system, as soon as the new QA procedure is fully developed. That will be a normal release.

New known issue:

  1. On Windows, if you leave the software maximized when you close it, it might crash when re-opening it. That was caused by a related fix for multiple monitors of different resolutions on Windows. If this happens, you will need to reset the settings.xml file. Details here: The Software Will Not Install or Run Properly/8-the-software-will-not-run-properly

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