Notice: Certificate Validation Error in Internet Explorer

Our software is signed with a digital certificate that uses a SHA1 digest.

Due to security issues with SHA1 signed certificates, Internet Explorer has started showing a security error for any downloaded software that was signed after the end of 2015. Because the 1.2.7 beta was signed and released in March, a security error is shown in Internet Explorer after the download has completed. The error reads:

"The signature of this program is corrupt or invalid."

The program is still safe to run, and you can still validate the certificate signature by right-clicking the downloaded file and selecting Properties. Navigate to the Digital Signatures tab where you can find details of the signature, including its validity.

We only just became aware of this problem. We are working on fixing it and will release a new version of the software with an updated security certificate within 2 weeks of the release of 1.2.7.

We're very sorry for the trouble!

trello ID: 5702aeb5009d29a542e7344c

trello data: -2085276857